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My name is Arnaud PIRIOU and I am a 5th year engineering student in Information Security at ESIEA (Paris).

On this website, you will be able learn more about me, my passion for IT, Japan and all the different projects I could do during my studies.

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I am currently participating in an academic exchange with the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo until end of August 2018 and am looking for an internship in Tokyo (from September 2018) in order to finish my studies and begin my career in Japan.

Some few things about me

I am a French student, passionate about Information Security since I used a computer for the first time. Also, I started to learn about Japanese language and culture 5 years ago and went to Japan every year since that time (more than one full year in total). Now, my goal is to keep learning more about many different scientific domains and improve my knowledge about Japan in order to be able to live there in near future.

An endless scientific curiosity

I love to learn how everything works and wish I could learn as many things as possible during all my life about many scientific and technical fields. The more knowledge I got, the more curious I become. My way of thinking is based on the fact that every one can learn everything, whatever his initial knowlege and skills are. The only keys are determination, a great thirst for knowledge and an open-mindedness.

Why do I love Information Security ?

Learning about Information Security is my goal since when I learned how to use a computer during my childhood. Information Security is a name which describes so many passionating and different fields whose limit is the human sense of innovation and ingenuity. In other words, a technical domain which will always bring new engineering and scientific problems and challenges to face …

日本が大好き ! (I love Japan !)

My passion about Japan began more than five years ago, when I wanted to learn a new language. This challenge changed all my life as it made me travel to Japan during many months every year for 5 years. My goal is to settle my future in Japan and and keep learning more and more about Japanese culture, language and way of living.

Doing personal projects is my way to improve my skills and strengthen my scientific curiosity

I like to expand my knowledge by giving life to my ideas. Facing real problems while using personnal knowledge is the best way to learn and discover more things in addition to going behond my technical limits.

What you may find on this website ?

On this website, you may find many information about my professional career, my academic background and my different skills. Furthermore, you may find a description of all the different projects I could do since I started to study.


Even if I currently am a student, I have already done some internships and part time jobs. See more information here !


During my studies, I could acquire various kinds of skills. Communication, C language or even Japanese, everything is detailed here !


By myself or because of school, I could work on many kinds of projects. From the aircraft simulator to the reverse engineering of malware, all my projects are described here !


Some information about my academic background and what school brought me. Also, I planned to add a mind map of my different scientific and technical centers of interest.

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Beyond of being my online resume and portfolio, I will also use this website in order to write some blog posts.

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